Why Elephants Are Like People

circus elephantElephants are incredible animals that share many things in common with people. Just like humans, elephants are self-aware. It was proven in a 2006 university study in which several Asian elephants were able to catch a glimpse of themselves in a mirror. They can understand sign language and gestures from various species.

Furthermore, elephants have highly developed social and cognitive behavior. Elephants have feelings and often try and take care of each other in times of need. This has been demonstrated in a recent experiment conducted in Thailand with 26 beautiful elephants that were divided into small groups.

The elephants used physical gestures to communicate happiness similar to a hug. They also showed love and affection toward other species as well. Anecdotal evidence also leads researchers to believe that elephants have compassion for small creatures like dogs. They also know how to work together as a team; a trait similar to humans. Thailand researchers tested a methodology that proved that elephants could help each other to obtain food by pulling on a rope. It required the cooperation of two elephants which was how they were able to demonstrate that elephants can work as a team.

Elephants ar every emotional elephants that can also feel sadness and mourn when their loved ones are killed Yes, they also can cry and produce tears. These complex social animals often have funerals for their deceased love ones and can place branches and shrubs on top of the bodies to bury them. They often visit the bodies of the deceased out of respect.

Elephants love their families and they have a lifetime bond amongst their immediate family members. The female elephant is usually the one with the most influence in the herd.

Why They Don’t Belong In The Zoo

Their is mounting evidence to suggest elephants are vastly intelligent, emotional, and social creatures. Nearly 50% of the elephants in captivity will never get a chance to live in their natural habitats and most of them are forced into the circus at an early age. Many of them are hijacked from their native Asian continent. Elephants are very self-aware and know that they do not belong in the circus as a sideshow attraction. They know they are not in their natural habitats and that they belong elsewhere.

Elephants who are held against their own will in captivity feel imprisoned and often develop mental and psychological problems. Most of these elephants are chained up and unable to move the entire day. Now is the time to set these animals free. Join us in boycotting all circuses who use these majestic creatures for their own greed and personal satisfaction.