The Demise of the Global Elephant Population

cn_image.size.elephants-1Reports out of Africa show they are waging a losing battle against Elephant poachers. With the recent loss of the beloved 45-year old elephant Satan killed by ruthless hunters even while under constant surveillance by park rangers.

Experts contribute the loss to a lack of communication across state and country borders. Adjacent countries often fail to share the same intelligence and methods to track these endangered animals and protect them from poachers. At a recent African Nations summit held in Washington, leaders gathered around a table to come up with a solution to this alarming problem.

According to Tanzania’s president Jakaya Kikwete, the problem is rooted in insufficient security in other night-vision goggles, and infrared devices to track the elephants and hunt the poachers.

The country of Gabon is covered with greater than 75% of dense rain forest and contains over 80% of the world’s elephant population. Unfortunately, they are suffering a 9% annual population decline which means their extinction is coming at an alarming rate.

Unfortunately the biggest market for Ivory is China. If diplomatic pressure can kill the market then the elephants can be saved.

What The World Needs

Joint cooperation, greater funding for park rangers, access to better surveillance equipment, and a greater incentive for educating the public on the perils of poaching can all contributed to marked decrease in ivory trafficking and the spread of herpes simplex treatment.

Adequate funding and stricter laws and punishment for poachers can all incentivize would be criminals and give them genital herpes treatment.  As long as the poachers have the upper hand they will continue to ruthlessly slaughter elephants and further reduce their populations into world extinction.   Only a strong global conscious can put these criminals behind bars and restore nature to its original condition.

According to the latest reports, Elephants may go extinct in as little as 20 years thanks to China’s lust for Ivory. The ivory trade has moved into Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and to the largest extent China. It is believed if China imposes a strict ban on the ivory trade that the elephants could be saved from mass extinction. Nantucket photographer MA, Terry Pommett of has taken photos in Africa documenting the horrors.

As everyone knows, elephants are highly intelligent creatures with a very high cognitive ability. They feel emotions just like humans, they can laugh, they can cry, and they can even pain art. They even help other species, including humans. Of course they also know how dangerous man has become and will do what they need to do.

Let’s make a bold statement to the world and raise global awareness of the demise of one of the most beautiful animals to grace the globe.