Global Warming Effects Missouri River

81923A new report by the United States Geological Survey shows the Missouri river has been impacted by climate change and is resulting in a shortfall of water in the states of Montana and Wyoming. In Dakota, the flooding has resulted in lower crop yields for farmers and a reduction of annual profits. Interestingly enough, the latest climate models show that arid regions will become more arid whereas humid regions will become more humid.

Become of global warming, the water in the Missouri Basin has been flowing greater towards Dakota even as water consumption has increased. In order to understand what’s going on, experts need to understand the water’s migration through the watershed. In the vicinity of the Great Plains, the climate has increased in temperatures an average of 3 – 4 degrees Celcius.

Not only does the shirt in river patterns effect farming it also have consequences and devastating effects for tourism and recreational use of the river. Without water the local economy will be severely impacted for many years to come.

In recent years, Montana’s tourism industry has been effected by the climate change effects. This is unfortunate as it brings in over $3B annually. Their is also tens of thousands of farmers in Montana who are feeling the economic repercussions.

In Dakota, farmers are trying to deal with an over abundance of water which has been causing flooding. The flooding has caused $2B in crop damage in 2013 alone. Furthermore, it will take over a year to undo the damage.

The Future

The future of climate change looks very bleak with global water scarcity and elevated drier temperatures. ¬†According to the Joint Global Change Research Institute, they have been able to dynamically interconnect the economic, energy, and environmental effects of climate change. Under the current model, water supplies become more sustainable when a carbon tax mitigation system and tend to increase with an industrial emissions carbon tax. Over 35% of the world’s population will have greater water demands by the end of this century. That is truly a staggering number.

Unfortunately, many democrats don’t believe the recent droughts in California are associated with climate change even after the golden state has faced 3 consecutive years of water shortage with no change in the foreseeable future. Obama on the other hand, does believe the cause is rooter in global warming and he as been a strong advocate to stop the global warming crisis. Lets’s take action today and make a difference.