The Missing Link Between Wildlife Decline and Criminal Activity

News from UC Berkeley suggests that wildlife populations have been declining across the globe. Experts and law experts have been at the forefront of research regarding these heinous acts. Associate professor of environmental policy, ¬†Justin Brashares, believes their is a strong correlation between environmental crimes and the labor force in third world countries. His research […]

Who’s Feeling Global Warming The Most

Global warming ¬†is a major problem that’s being felt all around the world. Much of the Southern United States is feeling a marked increase in hotter summers and even warmer winters as a results. See levels have already risen six feet in the last century and are expected to increase which harms the supply and […]

Helping Nepal’s Elephant Population

Captive elephants located in Nepal play an integral part of their economy yet they are often treated poorly and live in unsuitable conditions. Elephant Aid International is hosting the “Free The Elephants Volunteer Project”, which is funded by an American organization that condones the protection of elephants. Nepal’s elephants are used for tourism, commercial transport […]