The Demise of the Global Elephant Population

Reports out of Africa show they are waging a losing battle against Elephant poachers. With the recent loss of the beloved 45-year old elephant Satan killed by ruthless hunters even while under constant surveillance by park rangers. Experts contribute the loss to a lack of communication across state and country borders. Adjacent countries often fail […]

Climate Deniers Get More Airtime

By a 2:1 ratio, climate deniers have been getting more media attention then mainstream climate scientists. This was concluded by a recent study of 1,868 climate scientist who were asked how frequently they had been featured on TV. The answers given by the participants reflected whether the media was biased and whether they gave balanced […]

Why Republicans Loathe The Environment

It’s no surprise that most Republicans have contempt for the global environment. For them, business comes first even at the expensive of harming our natural resources and wildlife. It wasn’t always this way. Back in the 1970s, Richard Nixon was a champion for the environment. After all, he started the Environmental Protection Agency and NOAA. […]

Au Minister Believes Climate Change is Real

The Australian Minister of the Environment has recently stated that the Great Barrier Reef is at risk of being destroyed due to climate change. Their has been a barrage of pollutants that have been damaging the reef since 2008. This has resulted in a decline of humpback whale and loggerhead turtle populations. Unfortunately, this is […]

New York To Fight For Elephants

On the heels of world elephant day, New York assigned into law a ban on elephant ivory. The law was put into place by current governor Andrew Cuomo. The sale of Elephant and rhino ivory is banned except in the use of antiques that are at least a century old. In the last 2 years, almost […]

Global Warming Effects Missouri River

A new report by the United States Geological Survey shows the Missouri river has been impacted by climate change and is resulting in a shortfall of water in the states of Montana and Wyoming. In Dakota, the flooding has resulted in lower crop yields for farmers and a reduction of annual profits. Interestingly enough, the […]

The Missing Link Between Wildlife Decline and Criminal Activity

News from UC Berkeley suggests that wildlife populations have been declining across the globe. Experts and law experts have been at the forefront of research regarding these heinous acts. Associate professor of environmental policy,  Justin Brashares, believes their is a strong correlation between environmental crimes and the labor force in third world countries. His research […]

Who’s Feeling Global Warming The Most

Global warming  is a major problem that’s being felt all around the world. Much of the Southern United States is feeling a marked increase in hotter summers and even warmer winters as a results. See levels have already risen six feet in the last century and are expected to increase which harms the supply and […]

Why Elephants Are Like People

Elephants are incredible animals that share many things in common with people. Just like humans, elephants are self-aware. It was proven in a 2006 university study in which several Asian elephants were able to catch a glimpse of themselves in a mirror. They can understand sign language and gestures from various species. Furthermore, elephants have […]

Helping Nepal’s Elephant Population

Captive elephants located in Nepal play an integral part of their economy yet they are often treated poorly and live in unsuitable conditions. Elephant Aid International is hosting the “Free The Elephants Volunteer Project”, which is funded by an American organization that condones the protection of elephants. Nepal’s elephants are used for tourism, commercial transport […]